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Solutions for Your business Solutions for Your business

Basic Prices

The most preferred packages, we will be happy to give you a special offer during the Integration phase.

  • Free
    £ 0 00

    For the teams wanting to try out services for trial period

    • 500 Sessions per Month
    • All Analysis
    • More Application Integration
    • Crash Report
    Current Plan
  • Our Pricing Our Pricing
    £ 299 00

    one active project per month billed annually

    • + Free Features
    • Up to 2K sessions
    • Custom Analytics Events
    • 3 Goals Definition
    • 3 Funnels Definition
    • 3 UX Advices
    Upgrade Plan
  • Advanced
    £ 499 00

    For the teams wanting to try out services for split projects

    • + Standard Features
    • Custom Sessions Volume
    • Screen Records and Replay
    • Anomaly Detection
    • UX Problem Detection
    • App Performance Monitoring
    Upgrade Plan
Your Challenges
Your Challenges

Your Challenges

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  • 01
    How and Where to Start
  • 02
    Time to Get New Strategy
  • 03
    Tool Selection
  • 04
    Find the Right Place Market
  • 05
    New System Support
  • 06
    Take New Level of Management

Fine-Tuned Model Prices Updates

Create your own custom models by fine-tuning our base models with your own data.

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Plan Advanced bills
Service LoDDoS - DDOS Testing Tool Plan Advanced bills $0.20/billed
Service System Performance Monitoring Plan Advanced bills $2.60/billed
Service Technical Support Services Plan Advanced bills $12/billed
Service Bug Monitoring and realtime fixes Plan Advanced bills $18/billed
  • 1000+ Partners,
  • 1700+ Investors,
  • 160+ Clients
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